How to Explore Individual Patients/Samples


This is a screenshot from the Beat AML Vizome (

(1) Click on the Individual module.

(2) Click on a patient in the list (2192 is shown here).

(3) The selected patient will be highlighted (red circle) in the context of the entire Beat AML cohort.

(4) DNA and/or RNA variants for that patient are shown.

(5) If the patient has more than one sample, click on "Show samples separately" to examine differences between samples. The "Sample attributes" drop-down menu can be used to label samples with clinical features.


(6) "Export variants" allows you to download a CSV of the variants for that patient.

(7) You can also search for a specific sample or list of samples.

(8) Inhibitor screen results, if the patient has any, can be viewed by selecting the "Inhibitors" tab.


See Individual help page for more detailed information.